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The Civic Caucus is a Minnesota based non-partisan public policy learning organization

~ offering innovative opportunities to involve citizens in public affairs without making extraordinary demands on their time

~ hosting a unique library of interviews with past and present political figures and thought leaders

~ encouraging participation (feedback) by citizens across political ideology

~ using electronic communication to educate and involve participants from their homes

~ shining a light on others' proposals, rather than promoting our own.


Send a request to the above address to receive
summaries of future interviews with thought leaders,
and to have your opportunity to respond as well.


The interview summaries
and issues pages

are intended to spark a thoughtful dialog,
moving towards education and understanding,
rather than partisan debate.

The position reports
are recommendations offered by
the Civic Caucus Core group,
after considering significant feedback
from all citizen responses.




























Press Release - September 15, 2017
Civic Caucus joins group headed by ACLU-MN
in filing Supreme Court amicus brief in State Auditor case

Left, right and middle join forces to protect Minnesota's single-subject rule

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead:
Strengthening Minnesota's Public-Policy Process

Issued with signatures November 27, 2016

Minnesota will be able to maintain its well-earned quality-of-life position among the 50 states
only with a renewed commitment to solving its pressing public-policy challenges.

 Recent interview summaries:

  Review of Minnesota’s Legislative Process  Interview  
Legislative candidates and legislators must learn more about public policy
Robert J. Brown, former Minnesota State Senator,
and Professor Emeritus, University of St. Thomas - October 8, 2017

  Review of Minnesota’s Legislative Process  Interview
Some legislators seem to feel it’s more important to score points than to govern well
Tricia Grimes, retired staff member of the Minnesota Legislature
and the Minnesota Office of Higher Education - July 21, 2017

  Review of Minnesota’s Public Policy Process  Interview
Combine meetings with technology to inform, engage citizens
Josh Pauly, PeopleSourced Policy founder & executive director - June 23, 2017

  Review of Minnesota’s Legislative Process  Interview
Current legislative procedures harm citizens, Legislature
Jack Davies, retired judge and former Minnesota State Senator - May 19, 2017

  Review of Minnesota’s Public Policy Process  Interview
Podcasts aim to increase empathy for opinions of others
Anne Carlson, Podcast Producer - May 12, 2017

  Review of Minnesota’s Public Policy Process  Interview
Minnesota can and must improve higher ed outcomes
John Adams, University of Minnesota Professor Emeritus - May 5, 2017


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The Civic Caucus   is a non-partisan, tax-exempt educational organization.   The Interview Group  includes persons of varying political persuasions,
reflecting years of leadership in politics and business. Click here  to see a short personal background of each.

  John S. Adams, David Broden, Audrey Clay, Janis Clay (executive director), Pat Davies, Bill Frenzel, Paul Gilje, Dwight Johnson, Randy Johnson, Sallie Kemper, Ted Kolderie,
 Dan Loritz, Tim McDonald, Bruce Mooty, Jim Olson, Paul Ostrow (chair), Wayne Popham, Dana Schroeder, Clarence Shallbetter, and Fred Zimmerman



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